Hoist Controls, Communication Systems and Operator Options

Stop Next Landing (SNL)

This mechanical feature can be fitted to either Passenger or Goods Hoists. It provides accurate levelling of the Hoist Cage or Platform at landing levels, thus improving efficiency and performance of the Hoist and reducing the need to ‘inch’ the Cage or Platform to the exact height for loading/unloading purposes.

Alimak Lift Control (ALC)

This electronic feature is an additional option fitted to Passenger Hoists. It allows the Hoist operator to pre-programme the landings to which the Hoist is required to stop every time site personnel enter the Hoist. This feature once again improves efficiency and performance of the Hoist by allowing the in-built micro-processor to optimise the efficient distribution of men and/or materials.

Fully Collective Control System – (Driverless Hoists)

This is the most advanced control system available and is added to Hoists fitted with ALC that enable the Hoist to be operated from within the cage or from call boxes fitted to each landing level.

Hoistcom System

This is a ‘bespoke’ communication system fitted to Passenger Hoists that features a Two-Way communication system that enables site operatives to communicate directly with the Hoist operator. This can also be incorporated with site mobile radio communication systems.

Light Indication System

This can be fitted as an extra feature, particularly useful for lift shaft or internal void applications where the positioning of the Hoist cage or platform cannot easily be seen by the Hoist operator.

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