Construction Hoists

1. Passenger and Goods Hoists

We offer units that can carry up to 3200Kg and Hoists that can travel at high speed particularly useful on high rise projects. A number of Frequency Controlled units are available that offer savings on starting power requirements.

2. Twin Hoists

Single Hoist mast with 2 x Passenger/Goods Hoists operating fully independently. With the benefit of space saving and minimising the impact of mast tie connections to the building and saving on costs.

3. Combination Hoists

A single hoist mast that offers a passenger cage and a goods hoist with the same benefits as with the twin hoists.

4. Goods Only Hoists

We offer a range of Goods Only Hoists from 200Kg to 2500Kg. We specialise in large platform sizes of up to 4 metres in length. We also cater for specially designed platforms to suit individual requirements such as liftshafts.

5. Single Phase Platform Hoists

We offer a lightweight range of platform hoists, often referred to as builders or scaffold hoists. These units only require 240 volt power supplies and give a safe working load of up to 300Kg.

Hoist Erection

New Build